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Entry #1

Neither new nor old

2013-06-13 04:20:22 by gridcrawler

After disappeared off the face of NG for years, I'm back with a new name.

EDIT: Finally! I recovered my email's password, which means I got access to older account and unpublished most of the music.

2nd EDIT: Fine... I was silencefreedom. You probably heard my music in some flash game, like Heart of Ice. Or in this Minecraft video (I'm the co-composer). Or some Boston TV advertisements' music. Whatever.

I temporary put my remastered music on Soundcloud. Mostly cinematic music.

Some songs you might know (Remastered):
High Seas [Game: Heart of Ice]
High Seas Drum Mix
The Cliff
Dance of the Shadow (The Capture)
Lost Battlefield (Await) [Heart of Ice]
Last Stand (The Last One)
The Grid (Rise of the Titans remix)

I hope you will enjoy my music.


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