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I'm saving to get either Hollywood Strings or 8dio Adagio Strings bundle. But should I do so? Does instrument's quality really matter? Not really...

I had beaten myself for not getting high quality instrument libraries and VSTs. All the song you have listened or will listen on here are from cheap/free instruments. My kits are only Edirol Orchestra, Miroslav Philharmonik, EW/QL Symphonic Orchestra Free Edition, Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, Magnus Choir, Stormdrum and whatever in FL Studio 9 Signature Bundle.

For years, I told myself these were enough for my weapons of choice. I went to 'wars' made by these instruments, and managed to won several competitions & awards. If you thought the song High Seas (and its drum version), The Cliff or Last Stand's instruments were good; it was because of heavily mastered sounds & FXs. In fact most 'epic' drums were from FL Studio electro and acoustic samples.

One day somebody PMed me and say I need to upgrade to something with better quality. And I'm quite agreed with it. I'm longing to fully upgrade everything. From software to hardware. Problem is I'm not a money guy, every month I have to worry about paying enough rent for the landlord, taxes and insurance. So I may have to pause my dream.

This is the message to send out to all young and/or new composers who wishing to have full powered tools. Don't even think about it. What you need is composing skills and creative. I could craft an orchestra bass drum out of a electro dance kicks with distortion and reverb. You could do the same.

Important quality tool is just 1% of your needs. The rest is you, and how you do it.

Unknown Heroes

2013-06-14 23:08:28 by gridcrawler

This album has total 11 tracks. Cinematic/Orchestra. Each with different themes. There are two bonus tracks.

Last Stand
Unknown Heroes 1
Unknown Heroes 2
The Raid
The Cliff
High Seas
High Seas (Drum)
On The Run
Dance Of The Shadow (Bonus)
For All Which Lost (Bonus)

Don't let the score fools you. I promise they are worth more than that.

Neither new nor old

2013-06-13 04:20:22 by gridcrawler

After disappeared off the face of NG for years, I'm back with a new name.

EDIT: Finally! I recovered my email's password, which means I got access to older account and unpublished most of the music.

2nd EDIT: Fine... I was silencefreedom. You probably heard my music in some flash game, like Heart of Ice. Or in this Minecraft video (I'm the co-composer). Or some Boston TV advertisements' music. Whatever.

I temporary put my remastered music on Soundcloud. Mostly cinematic music.

Some songs you might know (Remastered):
High Seas [Game: Heart of Ice]
High Seas Drum Mix
The Cliff
Dance of the Shadow (The Capture)
Lost Battlefield (Await) [Heart of Ice]
Last Stand (The Last One)
The Grid (Rise of the Titans remix)

I hope you will enjoy my music.